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What Are Some of the Signs of a Bladder Infection in the Elderly?

Some of the signs of a bladder infection in your aging adult are the same ones that you might experience. Others are a little different and are easy for you to overlook.

Elderly Care in Southlake TX: Signs of a Bladder Infection

Elderly Care in Southlake TX: Signs of a Bladder Infection

Cloudy or Bloody Urine.

Urine that isn’t as clear as usual or that has pink or red tinges can definitely be a sign of a bladder infection. This is often accompanied by a burning or painful sensation during urination. Your senior’s doctor can test the urine to determine more information about the infection.

A Mild Fever.

Most infections include a fever of some sort, but it’s usually a mild one. The same is true for bladder infections. In fact, your senior’s fever can be so mild that she might not notice it, especially if other symptoms are demanding more of her attention.

Frequent Urge to Urinate.

Because the bladder and urethra are irritated by the infection and swelling, your senior may experience increased urges to urinate. The urge doesn’t always mean that your aging family member will produce much urine, however, which can be confusing if she’s not sure what’s going on.

Abdominal Pain.

Some bladder infections can include slight to moderate abdominal pain, particularly low in the abdomen. This can happen because of inflammation that accompanies the infection itself. Also, if your senior is avoiding going to the bathroom or unable to empty her bladder completely, this can cause pain.


Nausea may also be a problem for your elderly family member during a bladder infection. She might be feeling queasy because she’s ill or even from the medication once she receives treatment for the infection. Regardless, nausea is definitely a symptom that you’ll want to mention to her doctor.


In older adults, confusion can be one of the biggest indicators that there is something wrong, especially at first. Many caregivers and aging adults mistake this symptom as a sign of something else going on, particularly if there is memory loss.

Personality Changes.

It’s possible that your senior is one of the kindest people around when she’s well, but a bladder infection can cause her to be irritable and create other changes in how she interacts with everyone around her.

Experienced elderly care providers can help you and your senior to spot some of these symptoms much more quickly than if you didn’t have their help. That way you can get your senior treated as soon as possible.

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