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Share the Care

Share the Care is our fundamental philosophy.


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Fact # 1 Medicare does not pay for personal care at home.

Fact #2 Medicaid has limited personal care services for those who qualify.

Fact # 3 Seniors with personal wealth can afford the care that they need.

Fact # 4 Long term care insurance is the only insurance that will pay for personal caregivers.

Fact # 5 Over 90% of the U.S. population cannot afford the care that they need.


Questions #1 What happens to the people who need care, but cannot afford it?

Question #2 How do families cope with providing care while trying to juggle work and personal responsibilities at the same time?

Through its Foundation, Custom Caregivers is committed to providing care for people with genuine needs but without the financial resources to pay for it. We are donating 3% of our hours to this exclusive non-profit Foundation to be accessed by qualified applicants through an arm’s length process. In 2017, we estimate that we will provide over 1,000 hours of care through the Foundation. In 2018, we hope that number will swell to over 5,000 hours.
Share the Care also has at least two other important meanings.

First, we realize that we are sharing the care with family members and loved ones. Taking care of an aging loved one with declining mobility and physical abilities, as well as declining memory function is always challenging and often a burden that family and loved ones cannot fully handle, either through lack of training, lack of time, or geographic distance. We are there to Share the Care.

Second, we work with medical providers to Share the Care with each patient/client. We play an important role in delivering care to our clients, and we work with medical professionals (doctors, home health care agencies, rehab hospitals, and others) to ensure that their patients (our clients) receive the optimal services and maximize the likelihood of successful outcomes.