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Important Phone Numbers Your Mom Needs to Keep Handy

Senior Care in Grapevine TX: Important Phone Numbers

Senior Care in Grapevine TX: Your mom probably has your phone number near her phone. She’ll also have the numbers for other family members, her doctor, and important services like the power company posted nearby. Here are some numbers your mom should keep handy but may not have considered.

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Are Seniors at Greater Risk for Dehydration?

Home Care in Hurst TX: Dehydration Risk in Seniors

Home Care in Hurst TX: Shelly stopped in to visit her dad during her lunch break. He answered the door just as he always did, but she noticed he was holding on to the walls and furniture as they walked toward the kitchen. He didn’t normally do that. During their conversation, she also noticed that he seemed confused and he complained of being tired. Concerned, Shelly decided to take him to the urgent care clinic. The doctor examined Shelly’s father and determined that he was dehydrated.

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