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Important Phone Numbers Your Mom Needs to Keep Handy

Your mom probably has your phone number near her phone. She’ll also have the numbers for other family members, her doctor, and important services like the power company posted nearby. Here are some numbers your mom should keep handy but may not have considered.

Senior Care in Grapevine TX: Important Phone Numbers

Senior Care in Grapevine TX: Important Phone Numbers

Eldercare Locator.

Eldercare Locator is an important number (1-800-677-1116) to have on hand. The service connects senior citizens with eldercare services, fraud protection, and programs that provide financial and legal support.

Local Agency on Aging.

Your parents’ local Agency on Aging is a great resource for finding senior care services and getting legal and financial help. They can help your parent find volunteer opportunities, transportation services, and information about Meals on Wheels. To find the agency nearest your parents, you can call the national number (202) 872-0888.


Keep a neighbor’s number on hand. In a dire emergency, a neighbor is the closest person for immediate help. They can sit with your mom or dad until emergency services arrive. Take the time to get to know your parents’ nearest neighbor. If they notice your parent hasn’t gone outside in days, shoveled the driveway, or something else that could indicate a problem, they can also notify you.

Poison Control.

According to’s 2015 report, adults 60 or older accounted for 1,051 out of every 100,000 poisonings in the United States. Prescription medication overdoses are one area of concern. If your mom forgets she took her medications, she may accidentally take double the amount. Keep the number for Poison Control on hand as a precaution. That number is 1-800-222-1222.

The State Attorney General.

The state attorney general in your mom’s area is a good number to keep on hand. The attorney general is a great resource for fraud prevention. It’s also helpful to keep this number handy in case of a consumer complaint that the company refuses to resolve. As an example, if your mom switched propane companies and her old company refuses to credit her for the unused propane, the attorney general can help.

Suicide Hotline.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that men and women over the age of 85 accounted for 19 percent of the suicides in 2016. The only adults to have a higher rate of suicides were between the ages of 45 and 54. Depression is prevalent in the elderly. It’s great if she never uses it, but it’s smart to keep the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline handy just in case. That toll-free number is 1-800-273-8255.

Regular visits from senior care professionals also work well in keeping your mom safe and happy. She gains help around the home from a trusted companion.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering senior care in Grapevine, TX, please contact the caring staff at Custom Caregivers today. Call us at (972) 702-7988.





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