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How to Plan a Family Caregiver Meeting

Are your parents getting older and relying more and more on you for additional help? Watching your parents age can be a difficult and emotional process, but at some point, it might be time to consider getting a caregiver to help out mom or dad.


Home Care in Dallas: How to Plan a Caregiver Meeting

Home Care in Dallas: How to Plan a Caregiver Meeting

Imagine you’re sitting at home, talking to your sister. You are both stressed about seeing your mom in a state of distress and disorientation as she gets older. You both come to the conclusion that it is time for mom to get some additional help around the house. But who will it be? How will they help, and when? Most importantly, how do you bring this up to a fiercely independent woman — someone that might feel defensive or hurt at the suggestion?


If this sounds familiar, it’s time to set up a family caregiver meeting to discuss your options. Use the following steps to get started.

Set Up a Time to Meet and Invite Everyone

The first step is to set up a date and time when everyone can meet. It’s important that every family member be there to discuss this delicate situation and offer their feedback. Most importantly, make sure the person needing care is aware of what the meeting will be about. Approach it from a concerned and caring point of view — that you are concerned about their health and well being and want to support them moving forward.

Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

In the meeting, a family should discuss what kind of care is needed, how much, and by whom. Acting as a caregiver can be difficult, emotionally draining work, especially when family members decide to help out. Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t want to, or can’t step up to be the full-time or part-time primary caregiver. Come up with a plan that works for everyone so that one family member doesn’t feel like they are doing everything by themselves. Openly discuss your commitment to caregiving, your fears, and what you hope to get out of it.


Before the meeting is over, make sure everyone is on the same page and feels good about the decision. Check in with the family member needing support as this can also be a very emotional time for them as well as they might feel a loss of independence. Come up with a plan for what is needed, when it will start, who will take care of what and when, and move forward with a firm plan that everyone agrees upon.

Discuss the Possibility of Using a Professional Caregiver

If you decide in the family caregiver meeting that having a family member taking over caregiving responsibilities isn’t enough, you should discuss the possibility of getting a professional caregiver. A professional caregiver can ensure that your family member is provided for and taken care of with loving hands and a supportive heart. At Custom Caregivers, we will do all the background work for you. We run the criminal history checks, do random drug screenings and check references. We want to make sure that you are getting an honest and compassionate caregiver that will be a good fit for your loved one.

Get Started

Planning a family caregiving meeting can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with these steps to plan something meaningful so you can ensure your family member is supported during this challenging transition.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering home care in Dallasplease contact the caring staff at Custom Caregivers today. Call us at (972) 702-7988.

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