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Five Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

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Home Care in Southlake TX: Five Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

AARP reports that more than 90 percent of older adults wish to remain in their homes as they age. Of course, that can be difficult for some seniors because of health conditions and mobility problems. In the past, there was no choice but for elderly people to move in with their adult children or live in a long-term care facility. Fortunately, things have changed and families have other options. One such option is allowing a senior parent to remain at home with the help of a home care provider. Hiring a home care provider through an agency means that the agency will have done all the work in vetting the individuals they employ, saving families the trouble of interviewing and conducting background checks. However, families will still want to make certain they have chosen an agency that can best meet their needs. Likewise, agencies like to know the individual needs of their clients so that they can match them will the appropriate home care provider and ensure their expectations are met. Below are five questions to ask home care agencies to ensure you’re picking the one that’s perfect for you and your aging parent.

#1 What kind of care is provided?

Agencies can provide a whole host of different services, but not all will offer the same ones. The first step in getting the answer you need to this question is knowing what care your parent needs. Talk to your parent about the kinds of things they need help with and make a list. Some of the services an agency might provide are light housecleaning, cooking, medication reminders, transportation, and help with mobility issues. Agencies may also offer higher levels of service, such as the care needed for an Alzheimer’s patient.

#2 What are your hiring procedures?

Find out how the agency selects the people who work for them. Make sure they conduct background checks. Also, ask what credentials their employees have and how many years of experience. It can also be helpful to know how their employees are trained and evaluated.

#3 What are the costs and how are payments made?

Cost is an important factor in choosing a home care agency. Ask about their fees, whether the cost is higher on weekends or holidays, and if there is a minimum fee. Find out how payments are made and when they are due.

#4 Can you accommodate our schedule?

Before contacting an agency, determine how often and for how many hours at a time your parent will need a home care provider to visit. Some agencies have a minimum number of hours. Some may not provide overnight care.

#5 How do you handle emergencies?

Home care agencies should have emergency procedures in place so that their employees know what to do when a situation arises. Ask how their employees are trained on the procedures and under what circumstances you will be contacted.

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