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Below are a number of questions that we are frequently asked regarding the professional in home care Plano TX families are searching for, what type of services are provided by caregivers, insurance questions and how we work with clients. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to contact us at (972)-938-0703 or email us at Question:

How do you choose your caregivers?

At Custom Caregivers all of our applicants go through a rigid selection process. After an initial interview to evaluate the applicant’s personality, experience and fit with our “client first culture”, we run criminal background checks criminal background reports and check their driving records. Next we check the references that they have provided. Finally, we check social media outlets such as Facebook to see what kind of information we might glean about them. For additional information about caregiver screening, CLICK HERE  Question:

What kind of experience do your caregivers have?

All of our caregivers come to us with experience working with older adults. In addition, we do ongoing training with our employees to help improve their skills. We also sponsor an Alzheimer’s Certification Class several times a year. Question:

What kinds of services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of services to our clients including companionship, assistance with activities of daily living, errand and pet care. Custom services are available upon request to meet the specific needs of our clients. For additional information about our services, CLICK HERE Question:

Do you have a minimum number of hours required?

No, we adjust our care to the needs of our clients. Question:

What happens if the caregiver does not show up?

Because we have an automated scheduling system, we are notified when a caregiver is 10 minutes late. If they cannot make it to work, we will notify you and send out another caregiver. Question:

Do you offer free assessments?

Yes, we offer free assessments where we can provide you with additional information about whether or not a caregiver is right for your situation. Call us today at (972)-938-0703 to schedule a free assessment or CLICK HERE. Question:

Does Medicare cover your services?

Unfortunately not. Personal care is an out of pocket expense. The only policy that covers our care is Long Term Care Insurance. Some life insurance policies and some annuities can be used to pay for home care expenses. To learn more about how we can help you find sources of funds to pay for our services, CLICK HERE. Question:

What happens if I don’t like my caregiver?

We strive to match the individual needs of our clients to the skills and personality of our caregivers. If it is not a good fit, we will provide another caregiver as soon as possible. All of our caregivers are experienced and trained, but not all are a perfect fit with all clients. In the end, we always get it right. Question:

Do you have 24 hour caregivers?

Yes, we provide caregivers for 1 hour up to 24 hour care, including live-ins. Question:

How do I determine if my long term care policy covers a professional caregiver?

We offer a complimentary long term care insurance policy assessment to help determine the type and amount of care available under your policy. We can also assess your life insurance policy and any annuities that you may own to determine if they may be available to provide funding for our services. Question:

Do you work with clients that have dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Yes, many of our clients are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. These diseases often require continuous supervision and care. Our care provides Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers the care they require, while giving family and primary caregivers a much needed break.

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