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Custom Caregivers Announces New Mission Statment

We are so excited to announce our new mission statement.

Custom Caregivers assists aging adults to safely maintain independence and vibrance for life in any place that they call Home.

We have given a lot of thought in developing our new mission statement. Each word has a powerful meaning in describing what we are trying to do for our clients. Our previous mission statement was good, but we believe that the new statement does a much better job of articulating what we are trying to do for our clients.

The words that matter the most are assists, safely, independence, vibrance, life and Home.

  • We assist our clients, but we do not do it for them. Getting our clients to take the lead in living active, meaningful lives is a big part of what we do.
  • Living safely is a huge priority. We are there to help mitigate the risks of falling and other physical threats, and we help our clients live safely in their environment.
  • Independence is key! All of our clients prefer to live as independently as possible, and we help them achieve this important objective.
  • Vibrance is a wonderful word. Through our custom care plans and enrichment programs, we help our clients live as vibrantly as possible.
  • Living life with enthusiasm, grace and dignity is what we embrace, for our caregiver team and our clients alike.
  • We take care of clients in many different environments. Their home might be their long term home, or any type of senior living community in which they reside.

Custom Caregivers Announces New Mission Statment

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