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Family Caregivers

The Power of a Caregiver

The Power of a Caregiver

My grandmother lived to be 102 years young.  She was in an Independent Living community in New Jersey years ago and had the same caregiver for the last seven years of her life.  Her caregiver became a part of our family and she was the reason my grandmother lived that long.  To this day, my…

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What to Do for a Senior Who Needs Help with Personal Care

Senior Care in Bedford TX: Helping with Personal Care Tasks

Senior Care in Bedford TX: Recognizing that your elderly loved one has limitations and challenges that are keeping them from being able to handle their ongoing needs successfully is the first step in becoming their family caregiver. Once you have identified these issues you can then establish a routine of care that includes assistance and support that will help them to overcome these challenges and limitations, or to work with them so that they can continue to fulfill their needs and live the lifestyle that they deserve.

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Five Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

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Home Care in Southlake TX: Hiring a home care provider through an agency means that the agency will have done all the work in vetting the individuals they employ, saving families the trouble of interviewing and conducting background checks. However, families will still want to make certain they have chosen an agency that can best meet their needs. Likewise, agencies like to know the individual needs of their clients so that they can match them will the appropriate home care provider and ensure their expectations are met.

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Senior Discounts Are a Benefit of Aging

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Caregivers in Plano TX: Sometimes people complain about getting older and they may even dread it. But, the truth is, there are many wonderful things about getting up there in years. Seniors are done with their working years and the hustle and bustle of raising children.

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