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Caregiver of the Month for September

Caregiver of the Month for September

Antoinette Barefield

We are so pleased to announce the caregiver of the month for September 2017.

Caregiver of the Month for September 2017 is Antionette Barefield.  She joined our team in October of 2016.  Antionette has always been willing to work whenever and wherever she may be needed.  Always going above and beyond what is asked of her, she recently went to work at 12:30am to fill in for a co-worker who was having a family emergency.  Antionette stayed until 2:30am without complaint or hesitation and then returned at 8am for her regularly scheduled shift.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Antionette, enjoy the spotlight!!  We so appreciate your efforts and dedication to serving our clients with such enthusiasm and commitment!

Carrie Reeder

Caregiver Manager


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