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Posts by Cindy Greenberg, Director of Compliance

When is 24 Hour Care a Necessity and No Longer a Luxury?

24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care in Dallas TX: When caring for a loved one, it is easy to get caught up in the challenges of providing quality, personal care whenever it is needed. However, when the needs of the person become too demanding or the caretaker is preoccupied, it is important to remember the value and necessity of 24 hour care provided through a professional caregiving service.

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Say Goodbye to Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver in Fort Worth TX: Say Goodbye to Caregiver Guilt

Guilt is a powerful emotion. In many ways, it is a natural response for when you do something wrong or when you don’t do something you should. But when it comes to caregiving, it can truly seem that even though you do nothing wrong, you feel like you can never do enough. Sometimes your loved…

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5 Great Activities for Seniors at Home

Senior Care in Dallas TX: Senior citizens enjoy a wide range of interests just like everybody else, however most seniors cannot participate in the same activities that they used to do when they were younger. Many studies have shown that an active lifestyle is an important part of maintaining health as we age. It doesn’t stop at just basic physical exercise either. Staying mentally active is also incredibly important for senior citizens.

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