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When is 24 Hour Care a Necessity and No Longer a Luxury?

When caring for a loved one, it is easy to get caught up in the challenges of providing quality, personal care whenever it is needed. However, when the needs of the person become too demanding or the caretaker is preoccupied, it is important to remember the value and necessity of 24 hour care provided through a professional caregiving service.

24 Hour Care

Making the Decision to Use 24 Hour Care.

The idea of putting someone’s health, safety, and well-being in the hands of another for an extended period of time can be frightening. It can also bring up many emotions such as anger, depression, or even guilt.

However, obtaining long-term 24 hour care is not an admission of guilt or a sign of defeat; it doesn’t reflect on your dedication to taking care of the person. Rather, it is an act of acknowledging that you, as a person, cannot be everywhere at once. This is especially true when the caretaker lives hours away from the loved one.

This is where professional caregivers come in. Services provided range from supportive supervision, transportation assistance, basic hygienic care, and much more. The caregiver may live in with the person in need or there may be a rotation or shift of caregivers to ensure that all possible needs are met at the same time.

When 24 Hour Care Becomes a Necessity.

There are a variety of reasons why someone would need all-day care or supervision. For many using personal caregivers, the choice is made for an elderly loved one who may or may not suffer from an illness.

For example, fall prevention, especially at night or around the bathroom is particularly challenging for someone to be present at all time. However, a 24 hour caregiver can be there as a second pair of eyes to ensure that the elderly client is supervised. And unlike a nursing home or a facility, the client receives care that is personalized to his or her needs in the environment in which they are most comfortable—the home.

Sometimes, 24 hour care is needed on a temporary basis, such as after major surgery or hospitalization. In these situations, the caregiver provides the client with non-medical, round-the-clock attention that they would not otherwise be able to receive from a nurse or a housekeeper.

The Value of 24 Hour Personal Caregiving.

For those considering hiring a personal caregiver, the decision may change their entire life. It may free up time and energy or release an emotional burden. 24 hour caregiving can also bring back independence that may be lost for an elderly loved one or temporarily for those recovering. The quality and quantity of care, along with the benefits it provides for family and friends, often makes 24 hour personal caregiving the best option to ensure your loved one is well taken care of.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering 24 hour care in Dallas, TX, please contact the caring staff at Custom Caregivers today. Call us at (972) 702-7988.

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