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Senior Discounts Are a Benefit of Aging

Sometimes people complain about getting older and they may even dread it. But, the truth is, there are many wonderful things about getting up there in years. Seniors are done with their working years and the hustle and bustle of raising children. They get to slow down and enjoy life, spending time doing things they enjoy instead of chasing a paycheck. Of course, living on a fixed income can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately for seniors, one of the other benefits of aging is senior discounts! Many businesses offer seniors a break on prices or have special days when seniors pay less. Caregivers can help seniors to take advantage of some of these discounts—but they have to know about them first. Here are some places and items that may have senior discounts:

  • Clothing Stores: Some retailers offer discounts to senior citizens on certain days of the week. For example, Kohl’s gives people aged 55 and older a 15% discount every Wednesday. If your parent has a favorite clothing store, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have a senior discount!
  • Restaurants: Many, many, many restaurants offer senior discounts, and some offer an even bigger discount for AARP members.
  • Travel: Lots of airlines offer discounts to senior travelers. In addition, seniors may be eligible for discounts on rental cars and hotels.
  • Caregivers in Plano TX: Senior Discounts Are a Benefit of Aging

    Gym Memberships: Many gyms offer discounts to senior members. Also, your parent may be able to sign up for SilverSneakers, a fitness program offered through many insurance companies. Check with your parent’s insurance provider to see if they participate in the program. SilverSneakers offers free gym memberships at participating gyms.

  • Prescriptions: Some pharmacies offer discount programs for seniors. They may charge a small fee to join the discount program, but if your parent takes several medications, you’ll probably still come out ahead.
  • Classes: Many colleges and universities offer continuing education courses to seniors for a low price—some are even free! Your parent could pick up a new skill or just learn more about a topic that interests them.
  • Entertainment: Most movie theaters offer lower priced admissions for seniors. There are also lots of museums and other attractions that have a lower senior rate.
  • Utilities: In certain areas, there are programs that reduce the costs for utilities based on a person’s age or on a financial need. Check with your parent’s utility company to see if they qualify.

The list above doesn’t encompass all the ways a senior can save money. As a caregiver, don’t be afraid to ask if your parent is an eligible for a discount due to age. Also, if your parent is a veteran, there are many places that offer military discounts, too. Many places have discounts available for seniors, but the trick is that you need to ask for them to receive them.

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Owner and Chief Caregiver at Custom Caregivers
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